It's loud, it's rocky, it's jazzy, it's speed metal perhaps. Yet even at its wildest the musical undercurrents are always calm, cool, precise and intelligent. -- Chris Albury, from the liner notes




1.Tatsu Take (by Natsuki Tamura)

2.Warp (by Satoko Fujii)
3.Selvedge (by Fujii) 4.Weft (by Fujii)
5.Caught in a web (by Fujii)


Satoko Fujii Quartet-
Satoko Fujii - Piano, Natsuki Tamura - Tp
Takeharu Hayakawa - Bass, Tatsuya Yoshida - Drs.



LIBRA 204-007

Recorded on 4/24/02, by Mike Marciano at Systems Two Studios in New York

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